Meet Our Team

Each and every one of our employees represents the spirit of our company:
driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless KansaWands potential is to grow.

CEO, Soumya Shah

Marketing wizard and all around expert at spreading the word about our amazing products and the wonder of Kansa massage. Soumya is our ‘ideas guy’ and the point-of-contact for new customers and wholesale orders.

Chief Product Officer, Paras Shah

Our ‘Quality Control’ Guru -Paras makes sure that our products meet your high expectations. Born with a microscope in one hand and a calculator in the other Paras spends his days assaying bronze and his nights dreaming about the humidity levels of teakwood. He is the guy who makes sure that our kansas are buffed to a high-shine and that our packaging is second to none.

Chief Financial Officer, Kirit Shah

Our resident financial genius, Kirit keeps the books and makes sure that SuperStar Inc will be around far into the future. He’s also the creative force between our advertising campaigns.

Chief Operating Officer, Paras Shah

Paras is responsible for all the operations of our industry. The despatches, manufacturing, and accounts are overviewed by Paras widely to emphasize areas to improve and increase the efficiency of our unit.

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