Steeped in the healing practices of Ayurveda, Kansa massage has long been used for the treatment of stress, muscular tension and rejuvenation of the skin. Traditionally forged into cup-like vati, kansa bronze was used to massage the soles of the feet and balance the body’s Ayruvedic doshas. At Soumya Inc, we have modelled our kansa wands on exacting ancient designs, combining the finest craftsmanship with the purest materials. The result is a massage tool of unsurpassed quality that glides smoothly along the contours of the foot, gently drawing heat and toxins from the body. When using the kansa, ghee [clarified butter] is massaged into the soles of the feet revitalizing the feet and legs and stimulating the marma [ie.pressure points] on the soles that connect to other vital energy centers within the body. The effects of marma massage include boosting innate energy and helping to balance the flow of Prana (life force energy) throughout the body.

Those who have experienced kansa massage attest to its calming, relaxing effects which include the following physical and metal benefits:

Physical Benefits include:

Mental Benefits include