Stress on our feet, trouble in walking, swollen joints and many other problems have given way to the use of foot massage and various tactics to help you find relief. Whether you are looking for the best stress-relief or you aim for skin and mind-body rejuvenation, here is the perfect tool for you. Designed to perfection, Soumya Inc. presents you the Kansa Body Wand.
With a beautiful wooden finish, and a metallic tip on the front and with a wooden handle, our product is best known because it offers you relaxation among other things. The Bronze Foot Massager has a tapered body, which is specifically designed to offer you a better grip. The sturdy and thicker head of the wand helps you apply the correct kind of pressure on the points you wish to massage.
The Kansa Foot Massager or Bronze Foot Massager offers you relief as well as the following benefits:
In India, the Kansa foot massager has been used since ancient times. Making use of the massager, you can apply pressure on the specific parts and joints of the feet, which will help you relieve the stress in your joints.

Although the bronze foot massager can be used by you at home, it is advised that you learn the proper usage of the massager by taking the help of an expert.