The Kansa Wand Is a Powerful Ayurvedic Tool for Your Skin

Treatments with the Ayurvedic Kansa wand in dermatology not only benefit the skin, but they also stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation, which aids in the body’s detoxification process. As the Sanskrit word for “bronze,” kansa refers to a metal alloy that is mostly composed of copper. Ayurvedic practitioners make considerable use of copper, which has antimicrobial and purifying properties, in their treatments. Since it has the ability to remove impurities, improve lymphatic function, and enhance skin tone, we decided to make our own kansa body wand. There are several benefits to using this sophisticated tool, and we’ll go through the basics in this section.

So, what’s the deal with this Kansa thingy?

An instrument known as the “Kansa Wand” is a wood instrument with an elongated copper and tin tip. Another benefit of Kansa metal is that it helps to regulate pH levels, cleanses the body of pollutants, and enhances the skin. Marma points around the face are energy centres that help in determining our internal balance, and in order for the device to work they must be touched. Skincare with the Kansa wand is convenient and easy to use, making it an excellent addition to your regular regimen.

The Kansa wand has a number of benefits

With the Kansa Wand applied to the skin, it delivers a broad variety of benefits, both inside and externally, such as:

There are a variety of benefits to increasing lymphatic drainage. Using the Kansa wand, you may stimulate lymph node drainage by touching the skin’s marma points, which stimulates lymph node drainage. When the skin’s natural detoxifying mechanisms are engaged, the complexion appears brighter, clearer, and radiant. According to one study, manual lymphatic drainage may also help reduce edoema. Choosing the kansa massage tool is essential there.

  • The Kansa wand’s metal helps restore the skin’s acid-alkaline balance in accordance with Ayurvedic practise. Acne, inflammation, and wrinkles on the face and neck may all be exacerbated by an imbalance in the skin’s pH level. To attain ideal skin health, the Kansa wand may be used to bring the pH levels of the skin back into balance.
  • Use the Kansa wand to particular marma points on the face to relieve stress, relax muscle tensions, and improve energy flow throughout the body, which may help alleviate pain. When it comes to achieving your desired results, the usage of marma therapy, which may target specific areas, has no limits.
  • Skin tone and luminosity have been shown to improve with regular face massages. Face massages have also been shown to increase circulation and improve the complexion, according to research. Make your skin shine with the Kansa wand, which you may use on a regular basis.

In order to get the best results, what is the best approach to utilise the Kansa Wand? By massaging the face and neck with Kansa, the company claims to see enhanced circulation, relaxation, and a brighter complexion.

How to use Kansa Wand on Feet


The practice of therapeutic Kansa body wand was started as a medicinal therapy. Rooted in ancient Egypt, a Kansa massage tool gives comfort to the foot muscles. The feeling of relaxation you will get with this massager will be immensely gratifying. After a tiring day, everything we feel to relieve our foot pain and start a pain-free day the next morning. To help with the same, the Kansa massage tool will be exceptionally useful. For immediate stress relief, comfort, and joint lubrication, some people are taking help of it. It has given tremendous results in creating a calming and cooling effect. This foot massager works better with oil and provides faster results. There are other advantages of this tool. Read on to know more. 

Reduce tiredness from your feet with this Kansa body wand

The Kansa body wand for the foot is designed to add a sacred means to a foot massage. A gentle massage of the feet with a Kansa foot massager balances all the energies. 

  • Massaging your foot assists in lymphatic drainage to remove the waste products accumulated.  
  • Traditionally, the Kansa body wand was ideally used for deep relaxation of foot muscles.
  • Reducing dryness of the skin ensures further softness of the heel. 
  • It releases toxins and other waste products to relax tired feet.
  • The alloy of tin and copper has a healing property that can nourish feet and keep them healthy. 
  • In Ayurveda, Kansa metal has importance in releasing pitta and heat from the body. 
  • It improves circulation for more absorption of nutrients in the bloodstream.
  • Get effective massaging through this tool and say goodbye to your foot pain.

Features of the Kansa Foot Massager 

We all experience tension in the foot muscles after a long walk or a hectic day. Consider this Kansa Foot Massager as the best solution for foot pain. Look at its features that make our product special and unique. 

  • Relaxes tension of foot muscles – This foot massager eases muscle tension of the foot muscles. Its magical Kansa metal ensures a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. 
  • Relieves stiffness and foot pain – One of its numerous benefits is relieving foot pain and stiffness. If you encounter foot pain and discomfort, use this tool to massage the aching muscles. 
  • Assists lymphatic drainage – The massager will also help absorb oil by assisting lymphatic drainage. It is finely designed for the elimination of chemical toxins and other waste products. 
  • Regulates sleeping pattern – Interestingly, when foot muscles relax, it calms our body and mind. As a result, inducing relaxing sleeping patterns, especially in people with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. For years, this Kansa massage tool has been used to detoxify the body as a traditional ayurvedic therapeutic tool. 


We have found the perfect massaging tool specifically designed for our customers’ well being. We want to take care of your health and provide a stress-free day for you. Hence, we have brought this foot massager that will make tremendous changes in your foot pain. Also, it has been giving successful results in the treatment of various foot conditions. To know more about the Kansa wand, click on


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