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In Ayurveda, cooking food in a Kansa metal provides nutritional value. Have a meal in thali made up of Kansa metal to live a longer life. It is a popular saying among ayurvedic. With advancements in technology, our food habits have increased our susceptibility to life-threatening diseases in today’s modern world. Diseases like stroke, hypertension, cardiac diseases, and diabetes have drastically changed human life. For thousands of years, the traditional Indian meal has been served in Katori and thali. People should be aware of a metal known as Kansa to shift to healthy options. It’s the perfect heat-retaining metal prepared by hand beaten and crafted products. For the same purpose, we have manufactured a bronze thali set. Look at the therapeutic benefits of this metal dinner set.

The Kansa dinner set enhances the overall health in the following ways

The vintage thali is made up of Kansa metal. Thus, it has the following nutritional benefits that will give the ability to fight infection-causing organisms. 

  • It is usually used to purify food and enhance gut health. Kansa is an alloy that is considered good for the digestive system. 
  • It alkalizes food to provide extraordinary health benefits.
  • Due to the purifying properties, having a meal in a Kansa dinner set will help in boosting immunity. 
  • This metal relieves stress through holistic healing, balances overall health and creates more history as elegant cookware. 
  • The root of every healthy person is drinking plenty of water. When the three doshas balance, detoxification of the body occurs. Therefore, store water for a minimum of 8 hours in the Kansa glass.
  • With brain stimulant properties, it enhances brain function.
  • Kansa, a traditionally known metal, boosts energy levels and regulates the function of thyroid glands. 
  • Kansa is a key component in reducing pitta. 
  • It is recommended as a perfect dinnerware for people who want healthy skin. It slows down ageing and softens skin.

Features of the bronze thali set-

Kansa or bell metal is an alloy of tin and copper that promotes health. Features of this metal are given below:

  • Enhances Gut health – A pure bronze thali set will help in enhancing the digestion process through the gastrointestinal tract. The metal can neutralize the acid formed in the gut.
  • Helps in Weight Loss – Bronze metal helps you feel like losing weight. It breaks down and eliminates fat from the body. Hence, fat storage isn’t possible after eating food in this dinnerware. 
  • Regulates blood pressure – The metal will also help regulate blood pressure by increasing blood circulation. As a result, the oxygen supply to all the tissues is increased. Therefore, patients with cardiovascular diseases should eat food cooked in Kansa metal cookware. 
  • Relieves joint and muscular pain – Discomfort, swelling and tenderness in the arthritic joints should be treated with anti-inflammatory food. The dinner set readily provides this property to the food. So, to relieve knee and back pain, serve it in our dinnerware. Symptoms of inflammation fade away, such as redness and heat.


Kansa metal has several therapeutic benefits. It adds a touch of elegance to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The wonderful handcrafted bronze thali set with hand-beaten and durable material is a good investment for everyone who wants to add nutritional value to their diet. Check out to purchase the premium quality plate. Price and other details are mentioned on their website.

How to use Kansa Wand on Feet


The practice of therapeutic Kansa body wand was started as a medicinal therapy. Rooted in ancient Egypt, a Kansa massage tool gives comfort to the foot muscles. The feeling of relaxation you will get with this massager will be immensely gratifying. After a tiring day, everything we feel to relieve our foot pain and start a pain-free day the next morning. To help with the same, the Kansa massage tool will be exceptionally useful. For immediate stress relief, comfort, and joint lubrication, some people are taking help of it. It has given tremendous results in creating a calming and cooling effect. This foot massager works better with oil and provides faster results. There are other advantages of this tool. Read on to know more. 

Reduce tiredness from your feet with this Kansa body wand

The Kansa body wand for the foot is designed to add a sacred means to a foot massage. A gentle massage of the feet with a Kansa foot massager balances all the energies. 

  • Massaging your foot assists in lymphatic drainage to remove the waste products accumulated.  
  • Traditionally, the Kansa body wand was ideally used for deep relaxation of foot muscles.
  • Reducing dryness of the skin ensures further softness of the heel. 
  • It releases toxins and other waste products to relax tired feet.
  • The alloy of tin and copper has a healing property that can nourish feet and keep them healthy. 
  • In Ayurveda, Kansa metal has importance in releasing pitta and heat from the body. 
  • It improves circulation for more absorption of nutrients in the bloodstream.
  • Get effective massaging through this tool and say goodbye to your foot pain.

Features of the Kansa Foot Massager 

We all experience tension in the foot muscles after a long walk or a hectic day. Consider this Kansa Foot Massager as the best solution for foot pain. Look at its features that make our product special and unique. 

  • Relaxes tension of foot muscles – This foot massager eases muscle tension of the foot muscles. Its magical Kansa metal ensures a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. 
  • Relieves stiffness and foot pain – One of its numerous benefits is relieving foot pain and stiffness. If you encounter foot pain and discomfort, use this tool to massage the aching muscles. 
  • Assists lymphatic drainage – The massager will also help absorb oil by assisting lymphatic drainage. It is finely designed for the elimination of chemical toxins and other waste products. 
  • Regulates sleeping pattern – Interestingly, when foot muscles relax, it calms our body and mind. As a result, inducing relaxing sleeping patterns, especially in people with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. For years, this Kansa massage tool has been used to detoxify the body as a traditional ayurvedic therapeutic tool. 


We have found the perfect massaging tool specifically designed for our customers’ well being. We want to take care of your health and provide a stress-free day for you. Hence, we have brought this foot massager that will make tremendous changes in your foot pain. Also, it has been giving successful results in the treatment of various foot conditions. To know more about the Kansa wand, click on


How A Daily Kansa Wand Face Massage Helped My Skin


Kansa body wand is an incredible Ayurvedic detox tool used to rejuvenate skin. It’s a sacred metal massager created with pure tin and copper. The blend of these metals provides gentle friction while massaging the face. The Ayurveda Kansa wand is a medically tested Kansa wellness wand that perfectly massages your face to eliminate wrinkles. Since Kansa tunes your Chakras, this metal makes your skin beautiful. Get deep relaxation and detoxification with delicate stroking using this wand. It increases the blood circulation of your facial muscles to pull out the acidity. This Kansa wand massager has a teak wood handle, and India made Kansa metal cap. Massage in circles or draw a figure of eight about five to six times, covering every part of the face.

Get a youthful face with this Kansa body wand

The Kansa massager helps in the following ways to give a youthful face. 

  • It opens blocked pores to nourish all the tissues of the face. 
  • The energy healing properties of this Kansa body wand ensure natural healing of the skin.
  • Reducing puffiness, redness, and wrinkles leads to clear and youthful skin.
  • It releases toxins and other waste products.
  • Get tightened and soft skin with the help of this massager.
  • In Ayurveda, Kansa metal has importance to relieve congestion of the skin.
  • Massaging your face improves clarity and smoothness.
  • It draws acidity from the skin to delay aging. 
  • It Increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to prevent acne and breakouts.

Features of the Ayurveda Kansa wand

Kansa wand face massager was discovered by Ayurvedics thousands of years ago. This lightweight tool is essential for optimal health of the face, neck, back, and shoulders. Features of our product are as follows:

  • Enhances health of the skin – This massager works for the natural facelift. It balances the ph level and eases muscle tension of the facial muscles. Unblock energy channels, ensuring healthy skin. 
  • Helps in delaying the aging process – Delays the aging process, prevents wrinkles, and keeps skin firm for a longer period. This Kansa body wand has a lot to offer, from gently lifting facial skin to detoxification. 
  • Regulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage – The massager will also help regulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. As a result, the oxygen supply to all the facial tissues is improved. Therefore, stroking it gently on the face expels out the toxins.
  • Improves mood – Definitely, the massagers have potential health benefits and boost up the mood. It is designed in a way that relaxation of your muscles balances the overall mood. This stress reliever is useful for headaches and insomnia. It is highly recommended for headaches, stress, and facial muscle pain.


Who wouldn’t wish for glowing skin? We all choose healthy skin over wrinkled one. And to get youthful skin, we have come with a Kansa wand massager. It acts as a therapeutic tool and a detoxifier. Furthermore, it adds a touch of elegance to maintain the skin’s optimal health. Click on the link to shop this handy bronze massager. Also, you can check other details mentioned on the website.

Why are Bronze Foot Massages good for you?

Your feet work hard for you every day. isn’t it? Walking, Running around kids, maintaining a balance between office and home. Your feet go on toll for many reasons. So now this is time to give a relaxing foot massage which helps in maintaining the feet and relaxes the muscles.  Any idea about the bronze foot massager has originated from Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda, bronze foot massager deeply relaxes and detoxifies the body and strengthens the nerves. This metal has been used for centuries to release tension, enhance health, and increase energy. 

Is there anything more relaxing foot massage at the end of the day! Give your feet the massage wat it deserves for doing all the chores. Bronze Foot massager is something that is handy, economical, and easy to use. 

Foot massages help in Improving circulation, reducing tension, and stimulating muscles. Foot massages help to identify any problems relating to blisters, bunions, corns, and toenail problems. If you have complaints regarding headaches, then  Ayurveda full body ‘Kansa massage ‘ is for you. Many health benefits are related to proper growth, arthritis is reduced, a balanced heartbeat, and thyroid glands. One does not get much time in going for massage which yields in better extraction of toxins and one can bronze foot massager on other body parts like the face, neck, back, and shoulders. 

The Ayurveda full body Kansa massage helps in the following;

  • Creating a cool and calming effect 
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Easing muscle tension 
  • Balancing  3 doshas 
  • Helps in Detoxify and reducing inflammation
  • Reduces Redness and Heat 
  • Reducing Pitta 
  • Reduces the dryness of the feet 
  • Releases heat 
  • Softens the heels 
  • Promotes Sleep 
  • It helps indigestion. 
  • Helps detoxify internal organs 

Features of the Bronze Foot Massager –

Promotes Better Sleep- A peaceful and pleasant foot massage will help you relax, enhance blood circulation, and calm your stress.

Helps You Relax– Foot massage helps you feel more energized by removing any energy blockages and reducing stress and exhaustion symptoms. When massaging your feet, always use warm oil so that it can readily enter deep into the skin.

Relieves Aches and Pains- Thigh and lower back discomfort can be relieved by applying pressure with your thumb to the outer ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. Using small circular strokes, massage along the spinal reflex from the side of the toe to the ankle with your thumb to relieve backaches.

Improves Blood Circulation- Foot massage will also help avoid varicose veins by stimulating the lymphatic system. This, in turn, will assist in the delivery of oxygen to the body’s cells, which is critical for overall health.

Fights Depression- Foot massage provides comfort, assisting people in balancing the urge to grieve while also adapting to life changes. 2 or 3 times a day, massage or applying pressure to these spots for a few minutes will help ease depression symptoms.


Even a quick foot massage with a bronze foot massager will help you relax and feel better. That’s a good thing because reducing stress and enhancing energy increases your chances of making healthy decisions like eating well and exercising well. Full-body Ayurvedic kansa massage improves circulation, which aids healing and maintains muscles and tissues healthy. This is especially crucial if you have diabetes or other health issues that contribute to poor circulation or nerve damage. Do visit to find the best bronze foot massagers, etc. They have incredible products with a wide range of items.

15 Benefits of Drinking water from Copper Bottles

Water is essential for our living. But can we prosper with dirty and impure water? no, it can not, right? But unfortunately, lots of people are not getting Quality and pure water to drink. There are lots of reasons for not getting pure water. Lack of the right type of Water vessels is one of those reasons. If your health is important to you then you just use the best copper water bottle to drink water

Importance of copper vessels and copper water bottles

In Our ancient culture, People were using copper vessels for containing water for drinking. There are many benefits of using these Copper vessels or bottles as a water container. that is why here we are explaining to you the 15 benefits of drinking water from a copper water bottle

Copper water is most likely promoted nowadays. Drinking water from copper bottles is the best way to increase your immune system and it can help you to control health issues. For the last 1600 years, Ayurveda has told us about the benefits of drinking water from such Copper pots or bottles as it is good for human health. The human body needs to be nourished every time for being in the race of life. For that, the human body needs such type minerals. 

It has medicinal aspects to treat and helps to maintain your health. 

Drinking water from the copper vessel can help balance the tridoshas (Kapha, Pitta, Vata) and prevent various infections. In Ayurveda, it has a tremendous value. As per Ayurveda’s conclusion copper bottles are Ushna – hot in nature, Rasa (Taste) – sweet and slightly pungent, Katu vipaka – undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion.

Below are some more befits of a Copper water bottle

1. Copper water bottle provides 99.9% clean and pure water to drink

2. A Copper water bottle helps you to keep disease away from your body

3. Copper bottles come with anti-germ and antibacterial material that helps to protect you from germs and bacteria.

4. These Copper water bottles help you to keep your body healthy and fit

5. Helps in weight loss very effectively and easily.

6. Helps your heart to function properly 

7. Fights with cancer

8. Reduce cholesterol and balance Hypertension

9. Helps to Dissuade anemia

10. Works as skincare and helps you to glow

11. Helps to function brain efficiently

12. Helps in healing wounds faster

13. Maintain the body temperature

14.  Helps in digestive performance

15. Gives essential nutrients


Besides these 15, there are many more benefits of using the Best copper water bottle. Copper is the best supplier of minerals. Copper is the very first metal found which was known to man. So it has such antibacterial properties, which were proved to be true even during the 1800s when copper mine workers were immune to Cholera. Over ancient times, copper vessels were used to treat illness, headaches, and varicose veins. If you are searching for the best copper water bottle to use in your daily life, then do not forget to check out, they have a wide range of products that are made in India.

Kansa Massage Tools Are More Effective Than Jade Rollers

Are you looking for a healthy, all-natural skin regimen? Kansa Massage provides a more effective, less invasive, alternative to Gua Sha and Jade-roller massage. The ancient art of Kansa massage is enjoying a modern-day resurgence as aesthetes around the world are re-discover the enormous benefits of Ayurveda.

What Is Kansa Massage?

Kansa massage is an Ayurvedic practice based on the healing properties of the kansa metal – a therapeutic bronze alloy of copper and tin. The kansa wand itself, is a handheld tool with a tapered hardwood handle, capped with a contoured kansa ‘vati’. The gentle massaging motion of the kansa stimulates the chakras –the seven spiritual points or centers of your body – and balances the body’s doshas – which in turn increases the skin’s ability to self-heal

Regular Kansa massage helps revitalize the skin. It encourages increased blood-flow which draws toxins away from the sensitive areas around the eyes, cheekbones and jawline and reduces inflammation and puffiness of the skin. This in turn reduces the appearance of under eye circles, brightens the complexion, tightens pores, and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines

How Do Kansa Wands Differ From Jade Rollers?

The answer here comes down to the differences between the sciences of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine [TCM] – the healing system that is associated with the working of the jade roller. While TCM focuses on the acupuncture meridians, Kansa massage in utilizes the body’s marmas, pressure points along the chakras that balance the flow of the doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

The major difference between jade rollers and the Kansa wand is the respective massaging motions employed –the jade roller is literally rolled up and down like a paint roller without the use of ghee or massage oils. As a result it can snag and pull the skin. Kansa massage, on the other hand, is based on gentle, circular motions that are facilitated by the use of ghee and other carrier oils, that allow the kansa to glide over the skin.

Get your Kansa wand from the best Kansa wand manufacturers in India!

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