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Kansa Wand: An Ayurvedic tool for holistic body healing

Kansa Wand: An Ayurvedic tool for holistic body healing

Kansa Wand: An Ayurvedic tool for holistic body healing

Your grandmother’s young glow despite her age and wrinkles has always been a mystery to you. When we remark that ageing skin lacks radiance because of dryness, we really mean it in the literal sense. The fact that they have long depended on Ayurveda and other time-honored practises to keep themselves healthy is something we forget to consider. Fortunately, we are rediscovering the ancient art of Ayurveda, which shows that we are on the right track. The kansa body wand, a tool that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle, is the subject of this article.

What exactly is a Kansa Wand?

This Ayurveda Kansa Wand features a Kansa metal tip and hardwood handle, and is known as the Kansa Wand. Wood is used to make the handle of the Kansa Wand. When translated from Sanskrit, the word “bronze” is rendered as “kansa”. Bronze is a metal alloy made up of three elements: tin, copper, and zinc. In addition to massaging your skin, this gadget balances the three doshas of Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. Our forefathers would utilise kansa for both drinking and eating since it was supposed to have therapeutic effects in the past, thus they made their drinking vessels and tableware out of it.

Verify if the tool is made from authentic Kansa metal. You can rely on all of the tools included in our centre to deliver on their promises. Use the ayurveda kansa wand to get started with this centuries-old form of skin therapy.

In what ways may you benefit from utilising this tool?

With this device, our predecessors identified the following benefits:

Cleanse your energy centres and recharge your battery (chakras)

Using the wand’s metal at the bottom correctly might rid your mind of any stray thoughts that could have entered it. Ayurveda has always placed a high value on treating the complete person by addressing the interdependence of the body, mind, and spirit. Using this tool is same like using the others.

Tone your body by exercising

If this wand is used correctly, with the optimum amount of pressure and strokes, your muscles may be raised and your structure enhanced. For your face characteristics, this is also true Yes, this equipment can help you get a more defined jawline and a more sculpted face.

Remove the poisons from your body

Because it has an alkalizing effect, rubbing kansa into your skin while applying pressure helps to neutralise the acid existing there. This aids in the purification of your body.

Improve the health of your intestines and your immune system

Plants are a great source of micronutrients, which our bodies need to function properly. Metals and minerals in the soil provide plants with the nourishment they need. Because it is hard to know where the food you consume comes from, the quality of the soil is the most significant component.

Boosts the flow of blood and alleviates pain In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, copper in Kansa metal aids in the formation of haemoglobin, you’re accurate, of course. As a result of this, daily usage of the Kansa Wand produces a healthy glow. In addition to reducing pain in the muscles and joints, copper may also aid in the long-term healing process.

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