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How A Daily Kansa Wand Face Massage Helped My Skin

How A Daily Kansa Wand Face Massage Helped My Skin


Kansa body wand is an incredible Ayurvedic detox tool used to rejuvenate skin. It’s a sacred metal massager created with pure tin and copper. The blend of these metals provides gentle friction while massaging the face. The Ayurveda Kansa wand is a medically tested Kansa wellness wand that perfectly massages your face to eliminate wrinkles. Since Kansa tunes your Chakras, this metal makes your skin beautiful. Get deep relaxation and detoxification with delicate stroking using this wand. It increases the blood circulation of your facial muscles to pull out the acidity. This Kansa wand massager has a teak wood handle, and India made Kansa metal cap. Massage in circles or draw a figure of eight about five to six times, covering every part of the face.

Get a youthful face with this Kansa body wand

The Kansa massager helps in the following ways to give a youthful face. 

  • It opens blocked pores to nourish all the tissues of the face. 
  • The energy healing properties of this Kansa body wand ensure natural healing of the skin.
  • Reducing puffiness, redness, and wrinkles leads to clear and youthful skin.
  • It releases toxins and other waste products.
  • Get tightened and soft skin with the help of this massager.
  • In Ayurveda, Kansa metal has importance to relieve congestion of the skin.
  • Massaging your face improves clarity and smoothness.
  • It draws acidity from the skin to delay aging. 
  • It Increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to prevent acne and breakouts.

Features of the Ayurveda Kansa wand

Kansa wand face massager was discovered by Ayurvedics thousands of years ago. This lightweight tool is essential for optimal health of the face, neck, back, and shoulders. Features of our product are as follows:

  • Enhances health of the skin – This massager works for the natural facelift. It balances the ph level and eases muscle tension of the facial muscles. Unblock energy channels, ensuring healthy skin. 
  • Helps in delaying the aging process – Delays the aging process, prevents wrinkles, and keeps skin firm for a longer period. This Kansa body wand has a lot to offer, from gently lifting facial skin to detoxification. 
  • Regulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage – The massager will also help regulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. As a result, the oxygen supply to all the facial tissues is improved. Therefore, stroking it gently on the face expels out the toxins.
  • Improves mood – Definitely, the massagers have potential health benefits and boost up the mood. It is designed in a way that relaxation of your muscles balances the overall mood. This stress reliever is useful for headaches and insomnia. It is highly recommended for headaches, stress, and facial muscle pain.


Who wouldn’t wish for glowing skin? We all choose healthy skin over wrinkled one. And to get youthful skin, we have come with a Kansa wand massager. It acts as a therapeutic tool and a detoxifier. Furthermore, it adds a touch of elegance to maintain the skin’s optimal health. Click on the link https://soumya.info/ to shop this handy bronze massager. Also, you can check other details mentioned on the website.

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