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Bronze Thali Set Manufacturer from Mumbai, India - Soumya Inc.

Bronze Thali Set Manufacturer from Mumbai, India – Soumya Inc.


In Ayurveda, cooking food in a Kansa metal provides nutritional value. Have a meal in thali made up of Kansa metal to live a longer life. It is a popular saying among ayurvedic. With advancements in technology, our food habits have increased our susceptibility to life-threatening diseases in today’s modern world. Diseases like stroke, hypertension, cardiac diseases, and diabetes have drastically changed human life. For thousands of years, the traditional Indian meal has been served in Katori and thali. People should be aware of a metal known as Kansa to shift to healthy options. It’s the perfect heat-retaining metal prepared by hand beaten and crafted products. For the same purpose, we have manufactured a bronze thali set. Look at the therapeutic benefits of this metal dinner set.

The Kansa dinner set enhances the overall health in the following ways

The vintage thali is made up of Kansa metal. Thus, it has the following nutritional benefits that will give the ability to fight infection-causing organisms. 

  • It is usually used to purify food and enhance gut health. Kansa is an alloy that is considered good for the digestive system. 
  • It alkalizes food to provide extraordinary health benefits.
  • Due to the purifying properties, having a meal in a Kansa dinner set will help in boosting immunity. 
  • This metal relieves stress through holistic healing, balances overall health and creates more history as elegant cookware. 
  • The root of every healthy person is drinking plenty of water. When the three doshas balance, detoxification of the body occurs. Therefore, store water for a minimum of 8 hours in the Kansa glass.
  • With brain stimulant properties, it enhances brain function.
  • Kansa, a traditionally known metal, boosts energy levels and regulates the function of thyroid glands. 
  • Kansa is a key component in reducing pitta. 
  • It is recommended as a perfect dinnerware for people who want healthy skin. It slows down ageing and softens skin.

Features of the bronze thali set-

Kansa or bell metal is an alloy of tin and copper that promotes health. Features of this metal are given below:

  • Enhances Gut health – A pure bronze thali set will help in enhancing the digestion process through the gastrointestinal tract. The metal can neutralize the acid formed in the gut.
  • Helps in Weight Loss – Bronze metal helps you feel like losing weight. It breaks down and eliminates fat from the body. Hence, fat storage isn’t possible after eating food in this dinnerware. 
  • Regulates blood pressure – The metal will also help regulate blood pressure by increasing blood circulation. As a result, the oxygen supply to all the tissues is increased. Therefore, patients with cardiovascular diseases should eat food cooked in Kansa metal cookware. 
  • Relieves joint and muscular pain – Discomfort, swelling and tenderness in the arthritic joints should be treated with anti-inflammatory food. The dinner set readily provides this property to the food. So, to relieve knee and back pain, serve it in our dinnerware. Symptoms of inflammation fade away, such as redness and heat.


Kansa metal has several therapeutic benefits. It adds a touch of elegance to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The wonderful handcrafted bronze thali set with hand-beaten and durable material is a good investment for everyone who wants to add nutritional value to their diet. Check out https://soumya.info/ to purchase the premium quality plate. Price and other details are mentioned on their website.

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